Colombo’s vinyl calendared sheet, whether coated or not, has many applications in a wide range of industries from childcare to healthcare and from the automotive industry to leisure-time products. Tinted or transparent, embossed or smooth or coated with different backings, Colombo’s PVC improves the performance, quality and beauty of the finished product. All Colombo products can be realized, upon request, with fire-resistant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mite, UV protection or fragrance treatments which conform to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 norms. In addition, Colombo designs and produces special orders to realize the ideas and meet the diverse needs of the customer.

Quality, flexibility and delivery reliability make Colombo the ideal partner for the industrial sector.

Cameretta bambini


Colombo PVC sheet is phthalate-free and free from HEAVY METALS and can be pleasantly perfumed upon request. Both solid-color and patterned PVC sheets are resistant and easy to clean: an excellent component for childcare products.

Automotive slider


With different types of embossing and backing, Colombo’s PVC sheet can be employed to realize both special interiors and external protective covers for cars, campers and other vehicles.

Medicina slider


Terrycloth and cotton fabrics coated with Colombo’s PVC sheet are ideal to produce mattress covers and for other hygienic items used in healthcare. Comfort, capability and antiseptic properties remain unaltered over time thanks to the excellent quality of Colombo’s products.